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About us

Both french, we settled in Nelson 5 years ago. Butchery is Guillaume’s first love, so after a few months of thinking we finally decided to share his skills with you. Our products are gluten free, dairy free, keto friendly, as we don’t use any flour or dairy product. We keep our recipes simple to enjoy the real taste of the meat, we don’t use any additive, artificial preservative or colouring.


The Original : 100% pure pork, salt and black pepper. The real meat experience (right of the board)

The Chipolata : 100% pure pork, salt, black pepper, garlic, parsley, herbes de Provence. The famous mediterranean  »savoir faire » (left of the board)

The Hunter’s pride : Venison, juniper berries, salt, pepper and herbs. Combine noble game with Juniper berry and you get the taste of the wilderness

The Couenne : 100% pure pork, pork rind, salt and pepper. A french countryside classic, simple, tasty and versatile. (Pronounce [kwan])

To ensure the high quality of our products we only use New-Zealand free range pork, lamb, beef and wild venison for our meat, and natural casing.


We have a new recipe! This new sausage is, again, for meat lover. This french countryside classic is the most versatile sausage. It can be grilled, smoked or slow cooked. Traditionally used for french cassoulet, it will enhance your casseroles, as it is made to stay juicy during slow-cooking.

The only downside is that we wont make the Merguez for now.

How does it work?

We produce once a month and give you the date in advance enough so you have time to order. Then we organise a pick up place in Nelson CBD where you can come and get your products.
Just send us a message with the amount of sausages you would like, either in number or in Kg, at the latest a week in advance. Very easy!

Production dates

October 17th
December (working on the date)
Please order before the monday of production week

Price list

The Original : 17$ for 500g
The Chipolata : 19$ for 500g
The Hunter’s pride : 20$ for 500g
The Couenne : 16$ for 500g

Sausage meat

This is so great for cooking all kind of meat based dish, like lasagna, Shepherd’s pie, meatloaf, etc. Prices are as follow :
The Original : 21.5$/kg
The Chipolata : 25.5$/kg
The Hunter’s pride : 26$/kg
The Couenne : 22$/kg

Cooking tip

First of all, no need to pierce them when you cook them as they already are.
We like to cook our Original in the oven, at a 180°C for about 15min, depending how you like it. Also really nice in the barbecue, medium heat for 10-15min.
The Chipolata is great in the pan with a little bit of oil and as well on the barbecue, medium heat, 5 to 10min.
For both, key is to turn them regularly and to keep the heat on medium.

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The Honest Sausage

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